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Blue Marlin UK is offering the unique opportunity for students to learn a new life skill by starting their journey to become PADI Open Water Divers. 

Scuba Diving is an excellent activity for children/young adults as it develops their confidence in and under the water, teaching them to be relaxed and calm. 

The knowledge development also teaches many aspects of physics and physiology.

The PADI Open Water Course is the entry level scuba course, accessible to everyone. The world’s most popular scuba diving course has introduced millions of people to the underwater world and certifies divers for a lifetime of scuba diving. During the course, your instructor will introduce you to the physics, equipment, environment and the joy of diving.

The Course we provide in schools is the first 2 parts of The PADI Open Water Course:

The PADI Confined Open Water skills  & The PADI E-Learning Theory.

This works for students who have a planned holiday abroad 

where they can complete their Open Water Dives.

If students do not have a holiday planned we can 

also provide diving packages to our own resorts in Indonesia and to our partner dive centre in Malta.

Students have 1 year to complete the open water dives to become fully qualified.

How would it work at your school?

  • The aim of the program is to certify the children as Junior/PADI Open Water Divers. 

  • The confined pool training would take place over a series of sessions in a club format. 

      For example 5 sessions over a term. 

  • For boarding schools there is also the option of completing the confined water course over 2 consecutive days 

      For example, two Sundays in a row.

  • The format of the course itself is the same whether it’s done over a few weeks or a couple of days.

  • All diving equipment is provided.

  • All students will receive a Blue Marlin T-Shirt, Logbook and goodie bag.

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